About us

Manager Takeshi Nakano

“Make people around us smile”

Since our founding, we aim to introduce excellent products both in Japan and overseas and to make our customers happy by proposing new value.

We will continue activities that can contribute to the creation of a prosperous lifestyle by introducing products from all over the world to people all over Japan.

The appeal of importing and selling is that you can deliver ideas and products that are not available in Japan, and things that no one has ever had before.

We want to deliver wonderful products to as many Japanese customers as possibleWe would like to provide new value through our products and share the excitement with you.

Our business


We are conducting strategic sales activities to expand attractive overseas products in Japan.

Platform sales

We can sell your products on a variety of platforms including amazon.co.jp, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten Ichiba,shopify , BASE and many more.

Retail sales

Analyze the market and convey the appeal of the productWe will deliver your products to retailers all over Japan.

EC site sales

We will create strategic product pages for each brand that are preferred by Japanese .


Funding from supporters for products that have not been released in Japan and We can connect to many media personnel

Web Marketing

We can handle everything from advertising strategies.
We will analyze Japanese competitors and markets to see if your product will be popular in Japan.